What do the words you use say about your personality? Analyze Words aims to tell you just that. By analyzing the words you use in your Twitter posts, you can discover your overall emotional tone and social style. 

How does it analyze your word choices? By using scientific research! You can check out the Science behind Analyze Words here

Ready to give it a go? Great! It’s so easy to use too! Just type in your Twitter handle, and click the Analyze Tweets button. 

It will display your results in a series of bar charts. There’s one for Emotional Style, Social Style, and Thinking Style. I mostly use my twitter feed to enter giveaways, so mine scored very high for being upbeat and very low for thinking styles. The social style option ended up in the middle. 

Once you’ve analyzed your own tweets, the option to analyze your friends appears. It uses the list of who you’re following and all you have to do is select them from the drop down box and then click the Analyze Tweets button again. 

This is a cool way to get some insight into the way you present yourself to the world over social media. Wanna find out if you complain all the time or if you’re inspiring and uplifting? This is a great way to do so! 

Check it out today!