This is a really cool site that lets you look at statistical data from all over the world. 

To get started click Gapmider World, and it will load the data application. I would start by clicking the How to Use button so you can watch the tutorial video.  The video  runs two and a half minutes long. If you want more help figuring out how to use the application you can also download the .PDF guide with the link on the left side of the page. 

What I really love about this application for looking at world statistical data is that you can really customize what data you are looking at. On the right side of the app, you can select what countries you’d like to look at as well as set population controls. Then generate the chart and map for just the data you want. 

The other thing I like are all the resources that are available for teachers under Downloads. You’ll find both handouts and lesson plans. The video section is also fairly awesome!