Welcome to Quotacle! A database of movie dialogue that you can search for your favorite quotes and then turn them into .GIFs that you can share with your friends and family. Because this is based on movie dialogue, I wouldn’t recommend unsupervised browsing by kids because some of the movies may have swearing in them. 

There are few ways you can browse the site:

Option A is to use the search field and type in your favorite quote and see if it comes up in the database.  This is what I did! My first search was from Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!”

Option B is to Library and then select a movie from the database to look at dialogue from. There are 210 movies in the database, don’t see the one you’re looking for? Click Suggest Movie and the type in the Title and click Submit! 

Option C is to click Random Quote and see what pops up!  

Once you’ve found the quote you’re looking for you can play the video clip, and then use the social media buttons on the right side of the page to share it over Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook.

Beneath those options you’ll find buttons that will let you create a gif, take a screenshot, copy link, or embed code. These give you even more options to share the quotes across the web.

Go check it out today!