I have fairly rudimentary Photoshop skills. I can edit an image, create a multi-layered image, add text and effects but I’m awful at the lasso tool. Now with Background Burner I can easily remove the background from images. 

This tool automatically removes the background from an image. And it’s really easy to use. 

To get started you can drag and drop an image into the the Try It box, or click the blue Choose File button.  It will then automatically remove the background of the image. If it has more than one area it thinks may be the foreground, it will give you options to select from when it’s finished burning the background away. Then all you have to do is download your file!

If you want more tips and tricks just scroll down the page to the How To section or the FAQ.

I’ve been using this tool to remove the background from the pictures I’ve taken of my knit goods. In order to show case them on a white background. It’s been really handy.  

 Check it out today!