This is a free application that helps you manage your life and keep track of everything you have to do. It has literally saved my life over the last three weeks trying to balance my work load with my school load with the application process for Ph.D. programs and getting my thesis proposal together. 

What I really love is that it’s not just an app for your smart phone, you can use it on your desktop too. If you scroll down the page you can learn all about the application and it’s various uses. I’d also recommend watching the video because it is what sold me on giving it a try.

You can register for your free account by connecting with Facebook or Google, or by using your e-mail address. I chose Facebook like always. Once you’ve signed in you can start planning immediately.  Just click the + button under any column and fill out the task. 

I love that you can have multiple people for a task. At the free level you get 2 team members per task. So that means that my roommate can write a grocery list, send me the task, and then I can pick up what we need on my way home. 

This is a really cool way to stay organized and on top of what you need to do. Check out Any Do today!