This site offers you the second half of the recipes from the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2013! They had so many entries last year they had to split the recipe round about between their blogs!

Since sharing the first of the recipes with you I had a chance to try out the chai cookies I mentioned last time. They were amazing. 

From this site I’m trying out Bourbon, Brown Butter, and Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies and Festive Fig Rolls with Orange, Honey, and Cinnamon. The latter look like scrumptious, fancier fig newtons. 

Navigation is pretty much the same as at the other site. There’s an introductory paragraph that explains what the swap was, and then you scroll down to the amazing recipes! 

Just click on the thumbnail of the recipe you want to try and you’ll be whisked away to the blog where that recipe is hosted!

With this many options you’re sure to find some new favorite cookies! Go check them out today!