There are so many applications out there that you can download, but how can you easily find the ones that will interest you? I suggest trying out Mevvy!  

Mevvy is a free service that helps you discover apps that will appeal to your interests and providing a great review of the app, so you know what it is and what it does. After you check out the main page, I recommend  clicking into the How it Works section from the left side menu. There you will get a run down of how Mevvy works. 

To sign up, type your e-mail address into the text box at the top of the screen and click the Sign Up button. This will setup your newsletter subscription bringing you the latest apps to your inbox. 

To browse the apps scroll down the main page, and check out the left side menu where the categories are located. Select the category that interests you and browse the apps they’ve curated under it. Your options are: Everyone, Pilots, Moms, Realtors, Travelers, Students, Entreprenuers,  Gamers, Brides, Music Lovers, Developers, Graphic Designers, Lingual Talents, Bloggers, Marketing Strategists, and Kids. 

You can also check out the latest crop of apps on the main page; you’ll even note some of them are labeled Hot if they’re really popular. 

I’ve found so many great apps already from browsing Mevvy, what you will you find?