I’ve been super burnt out on cooking our old standby recipes. It’s just boring. My palette craves something new, so I’ve been looking for fresh recipes. This is in part because over the last year  my tastes have changed a lot and I find myself craving food that tastes fresh, crisp, and healthier. Where fast food used to be a quick solution on night where I’m already tired from school and work it is not longer satisfying to eat.

In my search for new recipes I stumbled across BakeSpace – a site that offers not only recipes, but a food-centered community with their active forums for social interaction. After exploring a little bit it becomes obvious why “Come for the food. Stay for the Conversation” has become their tagline.

Apart from the social interaction, excellent blog, and delicious recipes, I also really love that you can put together your own cookbook on the site. Head on over to the Make a Cookbook section and watch the video there for more details. Also if you scroll down that page you’ll find several little sections of information about the site. And seriously, how cute is it that the site is laid out like a cookbook?  

In order to swap and share recipes, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. You can do so by clicking the Sign Up tab near the top of the page. Then use your email address and create a password or F-connect with Facebook to create your account. Once you do, you’ll have the ability to fully use the site. 

This site seems like an awesome place to really become a part of a community dedicated to recipe sharing and cooking! Go check it out for yourself today!