I ran across this application while browsing my Instagram feed. All these neat images were popping up with the tag weevmee and so I hunted down the site where they were being created. 

Welcome to Weevemee where you can turn your instagram pictures (or your favorite instagram tag) into a glorious woven image. I’m starting you off on the About page for two reasons. It explains how the site works and offers you an animated example of how the application turns your images into a nifty and unique image using their algorithm. 

Once you’ve fully explored the About section, check out the navigation menu at the top of the page. There you’ll find Make and Gallery sections. 

Make – to create your own, you’ll need to click Make or Give It a Go. The site will ask you to log into your Instagram account, and the first Weevmee you’ll make will be your personal one. It takes a few minutes for it to create your weevmee image, so you can make another using your favorite hashtag. 

It will send you an e-mail when your personal image is ready. My personal weevmee looks like this. I love the pops of purple and green that it has because they’re my favorite colors. And I made this one using a hashtag. Once it’s ready you can share it over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and direct download. I hope they build an Instagram share as well, for now you have to do a direct download and then upload it to your feed. 

Gallery – here you can see the other weevmee images that have been made! It is interesting to see how they are similar but very different from one another.

What are you waiting for? Go make your own Weevmee today!