I can’t quite recall how I stumbled across Ufunk, but I’m glad I did! Here you’ll find a curated gallery of art, design, gadgets, and random amazing things from all over the web. 

Because of the art section, I wouldn’t recommend this necessarily for kids without supervision. 

Some of my favorites to check out were Night Over New York, Impressive War Armors for Cats and Mice, and the social experiment New Yorker’s Reveal the Price of their Outfits

Night over New York is a gallery of amazing photos of New York City at night. It reminds me of the way Bismuth crystals look. Absolutely stunning! 

Impressive War Armors for cats and mice is a whimsical collect of armor that makes me think of steampunk and clockwork automatons. The armor is truly impressive. 

New Yorker’s Reveal the Price of their Outfits is an interesting social experiment where the photographer takes pictures of New Yorker’s holding up signs with the cost of their outfits. To me, I’m fascinated by the way different people respond either with detailed monetary figures or a reticence to name a figure at all. 

These are just some of the neat content you’ll find at Ufunk! So go check them out today!