Proper Cloth is an awesome menswear shopping experience that allows you to tailor make and custom fit shirts. I’ve run across a lot of shopping resources like this for women (like Eshakti), but this is the first good one for guys. 

When you arrive at the site, to begin you’ll click the Get Started button and start creating your custom shirt size. You’ll answer a series of 12 questions to the best of your ability (or you can take the measurements as you go along) and you’ll discover your custom shirt size.

You can even pick the kind of fit that you like (classic, office appropriate, and uber stylish). To finish up you’ll enter your email address and create a password and they’ll e-mail you your size. I like that because it lets you keep your information more private in my opinion. 

The next place I checked out was Custom Dress Shirts. This application allows you to select the price range of what you want to pay for a shirt. Then you pick the fabric you want (you can sort it by color and care). After that you’ll pick out the style of the collar, pockets, and cuff; and then buttons, collar, cuffs, and monogram details. Throughout the design process as you hit apply, the cost of the shirt updates so you know exactly how much your customization costs.

I think this is a great way to really treat yourself to a custom piece of clothing, and discover the size and fit you like. Go check it out today!