Welcome to Chasing Ice! This site is the landing pad for the 2012 documentary of the same name that won the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Nature Programming.

It seems apropos to be writing about this as I’m snowed in my house from the snow storm that dumped all over Toledo over the weekend. When you land on the site you’ll be on the main page where you can learn about the awards the documentary has won, watch the trailer, and more. 

I’ll talk about navigation momentarily, because I want to point you directly to the image gallery. If you do nothing else at the site, you have to check out these amazing photographs. You can find them here. Photo 14 is my favorite!

Alright, you’ll find navigation across the top of the page giving you the About Film, Our Impact, Make a Difference, and Resources are of note. I particularly loved the Resources section because it is full of science information, teaching information for grades 3-5 and 6-8. 

I loved learning about this project and plan to watch the documentary as soon as I have some free time, but those photos are gorgeous! Go see them for yourself today!