Just over ten years ago, Indonesia was devastated by a tsunami. This site, Echoes of Tsunami, takes a look back at four locations effected by the tsunami.

When you arrive at the site be warned there is sound. The introduction video autoplays and provides a look at the four locations the site covers. They are: Lampulo Port, Krueng Raba, Aceh Market, and Pulau Bunta.

You can watch the introduction or skip it with the link at the bottom of the page. The site is interactive and will ask to use your camera (if you have a webcam) or you can use the keyboard. As you navigate you’ll learn information about he four locations they feature.

If you want you can click the menu button at the top left of the page, and be taken to the menu page. There you can interact with each location specifically by choosing it.

I thought this was an excellent way of remembering the places effected by the tsunami and learning more about them, what happened, and their recovery.

Go check it out for yourself today!