I was looking for math help sites for my friend who needed help conquering statistics and discovered PhotoMath along the way. After checking it out, and realizing it was free and awesome, I knew I had to share it with you all!

PhotoMath allows you to use your iPhone to scan in math problem and then the application not only solves them, but also shows you the steps of how it arrived at that answer. Did I mention that all that awesome math help is free? It totally is! 

I recommend watching the video for the application on the main page. It shows you how it works, and how it displays the steps to solve the math problem.  You can also check out the Examples page for more information on the kinds of math it can solve.

It will soon be available for Android and you can sign up to participate in the platform’s beta here. Select Android, then provide the  e-mail associated with your Google + account (since you’ll access it through the Google Play Store) and make sure you have an Android 4.1 equipped device with autofocus camera. Then click the Submit button.

This looks like a really helpful app, so go check it out today!