Unmapped is a really cool webzine that brings you stories from all around the globe exposing you to ideas, events, and places that you won’t discover in other news outlets.

Currently in Issue 28, the main page features a Letter from the Editor and four articles. The issue’s theme this time around is Health and I totally recommend starting with the editor’s letter and then moving into the articles for context.

The magazine is completely funded by subscriptions, but you get two free articles a month. So pick wisely! 

Want to check out the archives? You can do so at the top of the page, with the Archive link at the top right of the page. This opens up a frame above the menu where you can scroll through the past issues.

The title of each issue reflect that issue’s theme. I used up my free articles for this month in Issue 3: Exploration. And I’m looking forward to March, so I can check out Issue 9: Women.

I think that you get enough of a taste to decide if the magazine is something you’d like to subscribe to, and March is just around the corner if you want to check out more!