SideTour came to my attention when Groupon purchased it in 2013, and then fell off my radar, but a friend was talking about it recently and I decided to see what the site was about now.

I was happy to discover that it still offers a place for you to find unique experiences happening right in your own back yard or favorite travel destination. 

When you arrive at the site you can check out the About page to learn more about what they offer, but then you’ll  have to register. You can either register with Facebook or join with your email address from the handy form on the front page.

You may want to check out the list of available cities before you register to see if your location or destination is supported. You can do this by clicking here, or using the cities drop down off the Get Started page.

If you’re in an unsupported city, when you log in it will ask you to pick one of the supported cities to check out. I picked New York, because I figured it would have a great selection of experiences. I wasn’t wrong! There’s even a knitting crawl event. I think this would be an excellent way for me to figure out things to do when I travel!

Next up I checked out Chicago, another place I hope to visit in the near future and was pleased at the offerings there too.

Each city displays a featured assortment of events, but you can use the sort options near the top of the page to change it to sort by date, most popular, or just added. You can also use the calendar at the left of the page to pick the dates you’ll be at a location to find things to do.

This seems like a great way to explore a city. I hope they’ll add even more cities as time goes by. I see they’ve added Cleveland to the list, and maybe in the future they’ll add Toledo (there always seems to be a lot going on around the city here).