Study Pool is a site that lets you post questions and get help from tutors for a wide array of subjects.

I recommend you start by checking out the How it Works page, you’ll see that they run two models of help. There’s the pay model where you post a question with the price you’re willing to pay for help and then you choose the bid you want. I’m bringing you here for the free version where you can ask easy questions at no cost. These questions are under 250 words or 1 image and the tutors are still rewarded by the site for answering these types of questions. 

You can also sign up to be a tutor and put your experience and knowledge to work for you. Check out the Become a Tutor link to learn more about it. 

I’ve been using the free questions to get some help with MLA citations that aren’t standard. All the tutors I’ve worked with have been super friendly and able to answer my questions. k

I hope you’ll check this out today!