In today’s world of demanding fast-paced games, many computers struggle to keep up. However, you don’t always need to replace your computer to run high-impact games; there are a few tricks that can help you squeeze that last bit of power out of any computer. Keep in mind, the tips covered here will not make an Ultrabook with 2gbs RAM a powerful gaming machine; it will only make your current machine more efficient.

Defragmenting the Disk

If your games are taking a while to load, your disk may be fragmented. This means that files are stored on the disk in a disjointed order, making it significantly harder for the machine to scan files. Defragmenting is a great way to minimize loading times, as well as reducing the likelihood of your games crashing.

To defragment your hard drive, open Windows Explorer.


Then, open Control Panel (found in top banner of window).


 Next, search defrag in the control panel search bar, click the blue link to open the defrag menu.


Finally, select a drive and click Optimize, do this for all drives.


Your drive should now be defragmented. It is recommended to do this once every few months to maintain a clean drive.


In the past, overclocking your computer was a risky and difficult procedure; one that often resulted in a ruined graphics card. However, recent developments have made it safer and easier to overclock, with ASUS even making a program designed to make the process easier.


Select your operating system.


Then open the utilities tab, select the most recent file, and click ‘Global’.


Once downloaded; open the zip folder, click setup and follow the prompts to install. After you install the software, open it. Click the ‘G’ profile at the bottom of the screen.


-Note, there are other GPU tweaking software such as AMD OVERDRIVE or GAINWARD EXPERTOOL, but they are generally more specialized or advanced than GPU TWEAK.

Installing Razer Cortex

Aside from being a platform from which to purchase games, Razer Cortex can also boost your games. By shutting down unnecessary processes, Razer claims to allocate the maximum power to your games, even going so far as to double performance. In test, it performed well, although it didn’t quite reach the improvements promised.

You can download it here.

Once downloaded, open the setup and follow the prompts. After install, you will be asked to create an account, enter your email and chosen password in the indicated boxes. When you have confirmed your account, –clicking the link sent to you by email- it is a good idea to set it to automatically start with your games.

Go to the boost tab of the Razer Cortex window, then slide the green bar ‘ON’


Upgrade your hardware.

Finally, if none of these options seem to be having much effect, your hardware might be to blame. For this, there is only one solution, and that solution is often expensive. A decent gaming computer can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, however if you put some time into research and bargain hunting you can find one for considerably less than that. As a rough guide, look for:

8gbs RAM;

i5 or i7 processor;

2GB Graphics Card.

  Just remember, with power comes heat. Keep your computer well-ventilated, out of dusty corners and stay conscious of the effect your games have.

Happy Gaming!

~ Kaelan Dekker