Here’s a handy tip to use for Outlook 2013. I’m speaking about the Outlook mail client that you install on your PC and not about, so this isn’t going to work if you try it in your mail box in your browser.

Today we’ll learn how to make a quick step. This can come in handy if there’s a task you need to do repeatedly. Let’s say I want to take all e-mail regarding a particular subject like a project and move it to a particular folder and also forward it to others involved in the project. A quick step will allow me to do that using a keyboard shortcut instead of typing out a forward, sending and then manually moving it to a specific folder.

Here’s how we get started. In the Outlook Inbox select the Home tab and then Create New and then New Quick Step.


The Edit Quick Step window will open. You’ll want to give your quick step a name.


Then Choose an action for your quick step. Here, I’m selecting Move to folder.


Then select the folder where the file will be moved.


Now I’m adding a second action to forward the e-mail. I could also schedule a meeting, send an automatic response and more.


Now I select who receives the forwards.


Lastly, I will assign a keyboard shortcut. You are limited to 9 keyboard shortcuts in Outlook. Then choose Finish.


When an e-mail comes in, I just use the keyboard shortcut. The e-mail is instantly moved to the assigned folder and an e-mail to forward is instantly generated.


~ Cynthia