Get Point is an amazing application for Google Chrome that allows you to easily share, highlight passages to share, and discuss articles with your family, friends, or co-workers. 

I’d recommend that you start by watching the video on the main page. It’s just under three minutes long and walks you completely through how to install the application as well as how the application works. 

You can also scroll down the page and  click the See How Point Works link. This will make the animated explanation start playing. It will walk you through the three main features of Get Point. 

I think this would amazing for graduate students being forced to do group work involving articles. It would be great for co-workers who were trying to share information readily and communicate about it all in one place. It would be an awesome way to share crafting articles with my sisters and friends!

If you can’t tell I’m pretty stoked to be giving Get Point a go! So,  if you’re a Chrome user, you should totally check it out today!