Welcome to Inside Abbey Road! Brought to you by Google and Abbey Road Studios where you can participate in an interactive virtual experience. 

When you arrive at the site the introduction automatically plays and tells you about the project and what you can do with it. After it finishes playing click the Step Inside button.

When the page loads I recommend clicking the tutorial button in the lower left corner above the map. It will show you an overlay that describes all the different functions around the page.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of navigation you can explore the studio at your leisure and check out all panoramic images, videos, archival materials, and more!

I also highly recommend taking the guided tour! You’ll learn so much about studio and have time to explore each location before going onto the next stop. But if you’d prefer to explore unguided, be sure to try clicking everything so you don’t miss a hot spot.

You can change locations at the top of the screen by clicking the numbered circles. Each studio has it’s own tour. My favorite studio was Studio 2 where you can try out equipment and learn more about the artists who have recorded there. 

This is an amazing site! Go check it out for yourself today!