This link came across my Facebook feed via some link aggregator or another. I checked it out because talking dolls are sure to be creepy. I traced it back to where it was originally posted on the National Park Service site. I’m bringing you that link today!

What you’ll find is information about Thomas Edison’s Talking Doll and eight newly digitized audio files of the recordings the dolls played.  The site covers the history of the design, why it is important historically, how the audio files were recovered, and more.  All of this is located in the center panel of the page.

You’ll also find links on the right side of the page. They are: Listen to Doll Recordings, Cultural History, Frequently Asked Questions, and Photos. You’ll also find links to these sections embedded in the information portion of the page.

For even more information about Edison’s Talking Dolls, you can also check out this page.

The recordings are all of nursery rhymes, and are to me very creepy. I wouldn’t want to listen to these on a dark and stormy night that’s for sure!

Check them out for yourself today!