Most people know the daily recommended amount of calories that men and women are supposed to take in (2500 for men, 2000 for women), but how does that differ for people who are training for championships? ¬†Well today’s site brings you an infographic that looks specifically at what champions eat.

First you’ll be treated to information about the recommended daily nutrition guidelines for men and women so that you have something to compare the infographic too.

Then you can scroll down the page to see the infographic. It start with giving you an overall break down of their diets with a bar graph, then you’ll be able to see each one broken down individually.

The one thing you’ll notice as you look at the information is that all of them eat well over the recommended amount of calories. Then it breaks down each nutritional category.

I was really disappointed that they didn’t have any women on the infographic, since a lot of diet information is targeted towards women. ¬†That aside, I thought it was great they broke down the different meals each athlete ate on a given day.

Go check it out for yourself today!