Are you a web designer? I spent the first part of the 2000’s doing web design for a living, and am responsible for the maintenance of the website in my graduate position, so I’m always looking to stay up to date in things related to web design.  I was really surprised I hadn’t run across Smashing Magazine before.

Smashing Magazine is a really useful resource for web designers because it focuses on useful techniques, multiple platforms, and even features a job board to help web designers find great work!

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the most recent featured articles on the main page, a navigation menu on the far left of the page, a category menu in the center left, and then on the right a handy search feature and more featured content like the Jobs Board.

They offer articles on Coding, Design, Mobile, UX Design, and WordPress.  Under each category heading you’ll find specific topics of interest. For example, under Coding you can select CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Techniques.

This is an excellent resource for anyone who does design work professionally, but I also think it’s handy for people who just want to learn more about the field and its components.

Check it out for yourself today!