Are you a planner? Do you like to have your life organized? Wouldn’t be great if you could keep track of what you have to do and where you need to be all in once place? Well that’s the premise behind Plan.

Plan is an online organizer that lets you not only make daily and weekly plans, but also create lists of what you need to get done.

When you arrive at the main page, I highly recommend scrolling down the page because it does a great job of laying out Plan’s features.

If you decide this looks like ¬†useful tool for your life, click the Let’s Go button to sign up. ¬†The sign up is through Google because they integrate their program with Google Calendar. It will want access to your e-mail address, Google Calendar, and your basic profile information.

Once you’re signed in, take the tutorial by clicking Get Started. It walks you through how to make a list, how to link list items to your calendar, and then keeps track of your progress on said items.

I’ve been using this to keep all the tasks I’m juggling in the air, and I really like the format. It feels like a reward to note that I’ve spent the amount of time I’ve allotted to a task by being on task and then marking items finished once I complete them.

Check it out for yourself today! In the right hands, I think this is an amazing and easy to use organizational tool!