Apple Has Record Earnings

Apple had another record-breaking three months of sales earning nearly $50 billion dollars in revenue, most of it coming from sales of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.


The company also sold more than  $1 billion in Apple Watches and ended up with a profit of almost $11 billion dollars. That doesn’t quite match the $18 billion dollar profit for the first 3 months of 2015, but it’s certainly not bad.


Government Targets LifeLock

The Federal Trade Commission is accusing ID theft protection company LifeLock of making misleading claims about their services.  The company offers identity-theft protection plans  for consumers and for businesses, but the government says the folks at LifeLock didn’t do a very good job of protecting their customers’ private data.

They say that credit card, bank account, and Social Security information was not properly protected by the company and they did not provide the promised alerts to consumers as soon as there was a problem with their accounts.

LifeLock claims it has done its best to cooperate with the FTC and that they’ve already taken care of any security issues with their data and business practices.

 Smart Caps Tell You If Milk Has Turned

Here’s a great use for 3D printing: “smart caps” that let you know if the milk in the fridge has gone bad. Researchers at the UC Berkley have developed caps that can measure changes in the bacteria of liquids.  All you have to do is tip the bottle upside down and let the liquid touch the cap.  If the milk is off, the user will be notified.


Users could also test the freshness of juice or milk on the supermarket shelves with these caps. The cap is still in the development stage.

~ Cynthia