Summer always makes me think about camping. As kids, my sister and I spent our summers at our grandparents camp site, but I remember the one summer she went away to summer camp. It got me thinking that a fair amount of people probably spent their summers at a summer camp somewhere.

When I was looking for a site to fill my urge for nostalgia, I ran across Google Camp.

Google Camp is a free, online summer camp where kids can do interactive science activities and have adventures. If they miss a week, they can check out what was taught that week by clicking on the Let’s Find Out button for that session.

I suggest starting your visit by watching the New to Camp? video on the main page. It runs for roughly a minute, and shows the kinds of questions that kids will explore in the different lessons.

Other than that if you have questions check out the About Camp section.

This is a cool way for your kids to check out science activities from home!