Long before I entered college and my writing became all academic, I was fairly prolific creative writer. Man academic writing just saps all the creativity out of you with it’s formal tone. Now that I’ve finished up my thesis, I want to dip my toes back into the creative writing pond, but I’m really stumped for ideas.

I did a search “i need a prompt for writing” and low and behold a site with a very similar name popped up! I clicked on the site not expecting much, but was very pleasantly surprised.

The first prompt that greeted me was: “A wizard playing ping-pong against a monster.”

Navigation is really easy, you just click the “I need a prompt!” button to generate another prompt.

You can control the parts of speech that appear in the prompt (the default is noun, verb, noun) by clicking on the different parts of speech beneath the prompt it generated. The more you pick, the more complex the prompt’s sentence structure is.

You can share the prompts you receive over reddit or Twitter with the links.

I’ve been using the prompts just to do free writes that can be as silly or serious as I like.

Go check it out today! Get inspired!