A while back I brought you a site where you could help spot California condors in images to help the conservation efforts for the species. Today, I’m bringing you a site with a similar setup.

At Season Spotter you’ll have two ways to classify images. You can choose to answer multiple choice questions or you can answer questions and mark features.

Pick which way you want to participate. The multiple choice is really easy you just look at the picture and answer the questions about what you see. ‘

For the marking section, you’ll select the appropriate mark for what you see in the image. For example, if there are broad leaf trees you would click that and then mark where on the photo you see them. You can mark more than one kind of vegetation. After you finish marking you will answer a few questions about what you marked.

This is a very fun way to learn more about plants and to help track the changes of the seasons.

Go check it out for yourself today!