Since starting my Library and Information Science program, I’ve heard a ton about makerspaces. Makerspaces¬†are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. I’ve discovered that¬†Madison has a very prominent one, the Bubbler, created by the Madison Public Library.

I was curious as to what sort of sites I could find on the web that would provide an online community that offers the same kind of information as a physical makerspace. I found MakerSpace!

You need an account to get started, but you can click Spaces and browse the types of offerings available on the site.

To register, click the Sign Up link beneath the login form, and provide a working e-mail address and password. Next you’ll fill out your profile page. You can add a photo of yourself for you avatar too!

After you’ve saved your profile, you’ll be whisked away to the the Space page, but now you can actually see the posts in each topic container and get a feel for the spaces you want to join.

When you find one you like, click the blue Join this Space button. You’ll then have the ability to post to the group, and publish projects there. If you want to leave a group, go out to the main Space page, and click the leave button for the group you no longer want to participate in.

I really like the Look What I Made space. It’s very inspiring! The space allows users to show off their latest DIY project. The projects run the gamut from programs to hacks to modifcations to crafts to knitting to 3D printing to photography!

I hope you’ll check out MakerSpace and get inspired to make stuff!