Welcome to Sky-Map! This site offers you a chance to explore the sky with its interactive sky-map.

I’d recommend you start out by visiting the Getting Started section. It offers you and explanation of how to use the map, zoom in and out, look at photos and specific objects, and more!

After that I suggest going back to the main map page and clicking all the things! I had a blast just clicking on different objects in the sky, zooming in, and then checking out the next thing that caught my attention. I felt like a little kid stargazing for the first time again!

Once you’ve done that you have to check out Astro photo! There you can click on the sky and it will bring up images from that area, and you can click on them to see individual objects and learn more about them. I’m particularly fond of this one from the Orion constellation.

Back on the main page you can also use the list on the right side of the page to explore the sky. It is a list of attractive spots from around the universe.

I think this would be a fun site to share with kids who are interested in outer space and stargazing. Check it out today!