Welcome to World Art Treasures brought to you by the J.-E. Berger Foundation with the purpose of promoting the discovery and love of art.

When you arrive at the site there is a introductory paragraph about the site and the foundation, there’s a search field at the bottom left of the page, and a navigation strip along the top of the page. ┬áIf you click World Art Treasure it opens up a longer essay about the collection. You may also want to click on the Info button on the navigation strip to learn more about the gallery and Jacques Edouard Berger.

After reading the introduction, you’ll most likely want click Collection off the navigation strip so you can start exploring the art. This opens a secondary menu where you can pick which collection you want to peruse. Your options are: Egypt, China, India, Southeast Asia. They each of a plus next them this opens the drop down menu that lets you explore the different categories within the collection.

There is so much wonderful art here that I’m going to recommend you just start with the category you are the most interested in and then click through as it takes your fancy.

After checking out the collection, I’d next recommend checking out the Essays. If you click the Essay button on the navigation strip, it opens another side window filled with different essays you can read about different pieces of art. I thought they were very good, so I hope you’ll check them out.