This summer, the National Literacy Trust, located in the UK,  installed literature themed benches all over London. Then they held events to promote literacy throughout the summer.

The benches will be auctioned off for charity by the time you’re reading this but you can still check out the amazing artwork of each piece.

Each bench was designed by an artist to represent books, characters, and authors that have something to do with Lodon. You can check out this article from the Guardian to see some awesome pictures of the benches being painted by their designers.

When you arrive at the benches page, what you’ll find is a listing of the benches. You’ll be able to scroll down through all fifty. Each listing shows the bench, its title, information about what the bench is representing and a More link. If you click the More link, you’ll be whisked away to that benches specific page where you’ll find out more about the bench, see a map of where it was located during the summer, and information about the artist who created and its sponsor.

Some of my favorite benches are: Mrs. Dalloway, Neverwhere, Samuel Pepy’s Diary, Shakespeare’s London, Sit ¬†Here at Your Own Risk, The Canterbury Tales, and Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly.

While I wish I could have seen these benches in person (that would have a been a really fun vacation idea) I’m glad that I can see them on the website. I think Mrs. Dalloway is the bench I’d bid on if I had unlimited funds and a place to put it.

Go check them out for yourself today!