Welcome to Doodle! Doodle allows you to easily create free polls that help you schedule meetings, events, appointments, and even group work or family gatherings.

When you arrive at the site you can get started immediately by clicking the blue Schedule an Event button, or you can check out an example by clicking the link View Example.

I would suggest checking out the example first if you’re unfamiliar with how these kinds of polls work. It shows an example of what the poll looks like and then you click the Learn More link. It then shows you a listing of the different features that the poll offers.

Then you’re at the point where you can Schedule an Event, you’ll fill out the form with the event information, and click Next. You also have the option to sign up for a Doodle free account. Accounts are completely optional. You can connect with your Google or Facebook account, or an e-mail address.

This is an awesome way to schedule any event or meeting where you need to find the best time that works for everyone. Check it out today!