Check out genres of music waxing and waning in popularity with Music Timeline.

The site uses analytic data from Google Play Music users and tracks how many have an artist or album in their library as well as other data in order to create this cool interactive music timeline. To learn more, check out the site’s About page.

On the main page, you can access the interactive timeline. There are several ways to use it:

1) You can click on the genre of music you are interested in on the timeline to isolate it. This will then change the results displayed beneath the timeline to match. As you scroll over the different times they will change again showing a selection of popular artists for those dates.

2) You can keyword search in the top right corner of the page to display artist and album results. For example, if I type in Pink the application will load albums that have the word pink in or bands (ranging from Pink Floyd to P!nk to Pink Martini)

3) You can click on the album covers to be whisked away to their Google Play Music page. There you can learn more about the Artist or Album you have selected.

This is a really cool way to explore music, go check it out today!