Metadata is the information that libraries, archives, and museums use to make it easier for the public to be able to search and find things in their catalogs, databases, and exhibits.

Metadata games allow you to help them out by playing games where you tag images, videos,¬†and audio. They’ve created nine different games that let you help out. They are: Zen Tag, Next Tag, Guess What!, One Up, Pyramid Tag, Stupid Robot, Ships Tag, Book Tag, and Portrait Tag.

One Up and Pyramid Tag are game apps that you can download for your iPhone or Android device using the iStore and Play Store links. The rest are all browser games. You just click the play button beneath them to get started.

One of my favorite games is Stupid Robot. In this game, the premise is that you are teaching the robot new words and thus more metadata. You’re shown an image and you have to describe what you see with the added challenge of each word needing to be longer than the last. The word count starts at four letters, then raises to five, six, seven, etc. Every time you teach the robot a new word, it lets you know!

Another one I found really fun was Book Tag. In it click the How to Play button near the top to get instructions and then start tagging the books that come up! There were so many interesting, if not odd, books to tag that made this one really enjoyable.

Go check out these games for yourself today!