​Daniel has an issue when he’s using the Internet:  Every so often I get an e-mail with a link that takes me to a legitimate page, but then when I make the font size large enough that I can read it, a small triangular box appears containing links to different social media programs.  This box, always on the left side of the screen covers up a portion of the message I am trying to read, obscuring words/phrases that cannot be uncovered by scrolling the page.  How do I get rid of that obnoxious box? I’ve included a screenshot.


Daniel, there are a couple of possibilities. One, this could be some legitimate social sharing tools that the site offers. Many sites do have pop-up menus for sharing. You may be able to click off it to get away from it or, you should be able to just scroll past it to view the part of the site you need to see.

The other possibility is that you’ve inadvertently installed a social sharing toolbar on your browser.  You’ll want to look through both the installed programs on your PC and the extensions and add-ons installed on your browser to see if you find anything with a name like Share or Social. This could be the culprit and you may want to remove them.

~ Cynthia