One of the places I’d love to travel to is Australia. I was randomly pricing a trip and stumbled upon this site that offers great tourist information about Australia.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find navigation on the left side of the page. You have the option of browsing About Australia, Tourist Information, Explore Australia, and Links. In the center of the main page you can also find sections on Australian Animals, Explore Australia, and Australian Food.

Once you click into a section information will be displayed in the center of the screen and a new menu (inside a blue box) will appear in the top right of the page. You can use the new menu to navigate to the sections for that category. For example, if you’re visiting the Australian Animals section, the new menu offers links to the specific animals you can learn about.

This is a cool site to check out if you want to learn a little bit about Australia!

Go check it out today!