I’ve spent half the semester so far learning about the the disparity in the technology field. In my course, we’ve examined the power structures surrounding education, employment, and opportunity in technology. Across the board in technology fields women and people of color are seriously under-represented. One of the issues we’ve uncovered is that there is a lack of role models for those groups, so I was really excited when I ran across this site.

This site is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of ‘people of color’ within the technology field including startups. They also have the goal of inspiring the next generation. To do this they feature interviews with people of color who work in the industry, ranging from startup CEO’s to junior web developers. These interviews can be accessed by clicking interviews at the top of the page, or by checking out the featured episodes on the main page. Currently there are 48 different interviews that you can check out.

They also have great articles that offer insight into the technology field and the challenges that their readers might face. The articles section is what initially drew my attention to the site. I found the article Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in Coding: Don’t Quit Before the ‘Aha! which is an amazing read for anyone who’s struggling with coding. Having been there this semester with php I concur with the article that you do eventually hit the Aha moment where it clicks.

This is an excellent site to look to for information, inspiration, and role models in technology. Go check it out today!