Did you know that the majority of people in the United States access the internet through their mobile device rather than a computer with an internet connection? I was surprised to learn that this semester, but I’m glad I did, because it makes the goal of this site more understandable to me.

The Opportunity Project wants to build applications that will help American access the information they need, find jobs, and transportation with ease. This will make more sense when you scroll down to the Build section and see what sorts of apps that they’re creating.

There are three main sections of the site: Meet the Community, Build, and Learn More. ┬áIf you click on those buttons, you’ll be whisked away to each section. I’d start with the Learn More section, but you can also scroll down on the main page to learn a little more about each section.

From a building perspective it is interesting that all the data is open and anyone can use it build projects. They also link to their github repository where you can find the data.

This will be an interesting project to keep an eye on. Go check it out for yourself today!