I ran across this while setting up my own business to do some contracting work here in Wisconsin. That was a chore, let me tell you, but I bookmarked this to come back to because it looked too good to be true.

Charlie is a free HR platform designed for small businesses. They are dedicated to always making the core platform of the program free, but may offer some fee-based additions at a later time.

When you arrive at the site scroll down through the main page. It tells you about how Charlie can help you free up your time and make administration less of a chore. In the middle of the main page there is the Take a Tour button which takes you over to the product page where you can scroll through the features of Charlie.

Decided you want to give Charlie at try? Click the Sign Up for Free button then provide the name of your company (the domain name will autofill, but you can change it if you like), read the terms and conditions then check the box that you read them, and finally click the Set Up My Company button.

It then walks you through the company setup.¬† They collect your e-mail¬† address and have you create a password. Then they take you to the setup where you’ll click the Get Started button. You’ll add your company logo, fill out your Charlie card, add team members, and then whisk you off to your dashboard. You can skip any of these steps as you go along.

Overall the platform looks very intuitive to use, especially if you follow the guided prompts.

Go take a look for yourself today!