Welcome to OMG!NOM! – a cool site that lets you search food blogs around the world to get inspired to create amazing recipes.

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the featured content has the Now in Season section near the top, and if you scroll down a bit you’ll find the Latest Noms.

If nothing tempts you there, you can use the search box to look for something specific, or you can check out the sections on the navigation strip. They are: Meals, Type, Occasion, Dietary, and World Food.

I’ve been using this site to change up the meals we’ve been making, and so far everything I’ve made has been fantastic. When you click into a recipe, you’ll be taken to its landing page, then you’ll click the Read More link and be whisked away to the food blog the recipe came from.

For example, while I was visiting there was a recipe for Celery Almond Pesto. I went to the landing page, clicked Read More, and was whisked over to the She Simmers food blog.

Then if you like that recipe, you can use the tags on the recipe’s landing page to find more cuisine like it!

This is another great way to discover new recipes go see for yourself today!