This site has been all the rage among my friends and family on Facebook. A lot of them have changed their profile pictures to the avatars they create with this site.

You’ll start your transformation into a Powerpuff style avatar by clicking the pink Power Me Up button.

When the page loads, you’ll be on a blank avatar with customization buttons at the bottom of the page. You can customize the skin tone, eyes, mouth, glasses, hair, facial hair, full outfits, bottoms, tops, accessories, and backgrounds.

You also have the options to select to randomize your avatar with the Randomize button. You can reset your avatar with the Clear All button and start customizing from scratch.

Once you’ve created an avatar and like it you’ll want to click the blue Finish button. It will ask you if you’re happy with your avatar, yes or no.If you click no, it will take you back to make your final changes.  If you select yes, it takes you onto the next step where you’ll pick your animated background.

After you’ve picked your background, you’ll click Finish which will take you to the page where you can download your avatar, a wallpaper, and an animated wallpaper. You can also share them over social media with the Facebook or Twitter buttons.

You can see mine here. Go forth and Powerpuff yourself!!/en