Welcome the Smithsonian National Museum of History’s exhibit on vikings! I can’t wait to share this site with you! My dad instilled a love of Vikings (the actual historical kind rather than the stereotypes), so I’m extra-enthused to be able to share a lovely exhibit on their exploration to North America over 1000 years ago.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll have the option to Skip the Intro or to watch the Flash Intro. I’d skip the intro. It didn’t really add anything and was very small and hard to read.

After you’ve made your choice you’ll be on the main page for the exhibit. You have three navigation options: View the Exhibit, Viking Voyage, and Tour Calendar.  I recommend starting with the Viking Voyage option.

Once you’re there you’ll choose between the enhanced site and a regular site.  The only difference I immediately noticed was the image of the boat in the right corner was animated and that there is audio. If you want that experience go for it. You can also just navigate around the site yourself with the standard option. This section will take you through the journey from Homelands to their arrival in North America.

View the Exhibit gives you the details you need to go see the artifacts in person. As it is a travelling exhibit you’ll want to check the tour calendar to find out where it is right now.

Can’t get to the exhibit? No worries, if you click the the red link Tour the Exhibit Highlights you can check out some of the artifacts that are on display. I really loved the information on the Jonsbok Manuscript.

This is a really cool exhibit, I hope you’ll got check it out today!