Welcome to the online exhibits at the National Women’s History Museum!

I can’t gush enough about how awesome these exhibits are.  I am so excited to be sharing this site with you.

When you arrive at the site all you have to do to dive in is scroll down the page. There you’ll find an amazing collection of exhibits waiting to elucidate you with cool aspects of women’s history.

For example, you know you want to check out the Clandestine Women: Spies in American History exhibit. It traces women spies from the American Revolution up until the Cold War. You’ll learn about Confederate spy Belle Boyd, singer Marlene Dietrich, Julia Child, and more! Can you tell I’m excited!?

I was also blown away by the exhibits on Women in the Olympics, the Women of Jamestown, Women in Industry, and I absolutely adore that they have exhibits on Chinese American Women, African American Women, and Immigrant Women!

You have to go check these out for yourself today!