Are you looking for a good book to read? Then this list is for you!

When you arrive at the site scroll down to check out the lists. They are divided into three categories: The Best Books in general, The Best Fiction Books, and The Best Non-Fiction Books.

Beneath each heading, you’ll find subcategories. The Best Books in general list has 6 subcategories including the best books of 2015. The Best Fiction Books uses the categories to break it down by genre. I headed straight to subcategory 2 – Fantasy Books when I visited. The Best Non-Fiction Books ¬†breaks the subcategories down by subjects. For example, business books, fitness books, travel books, and the ever popular and one of my favorite categories Biographies and Memoirs.

When you select a list, it will open in a new tab/or window and display the books selected for that list.  Each entry has a shot of the cover of the book, lists the author, and gives a brief synopsis.

Beneath the lists, you’ll find information on the benefits of reading books, and tips on how to read more books.

Go find a good book to read today!