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Welcome to Garden Visit! This site is devoted to providing you information about garden tours and history, historic parks, and open to the public botanic collections all over the world.

I’m starting you off on the Gardens page where you can find photos, maps, reviews and opening times for gardens all over the world. I felt like this section gets right to the heart of the content of the site. To navigate all you have to do is click on the country you want to investigate, and you’ll be whisked away to the garden information for that location.

Once you’ve clicked into a country, you’ll find specific locations there, information about what has been recently updated, and a satellite map with pins of the gardens for that location.

For example, if you click on England, you’ll find a list of counties. I picked Bedfordshire, and then it lists the gardens in that county. Then you can click into the specific gardens located there. I picked The Swiss Garden. It gave me an image and map of the location, information on when the gardens are open, when they were created, a link to the garden’s web page, links to nearby gardens, and more. It also provides a comment section where you can see what people who have visited the garden thought about it.

This is a really cool way to learn about gardens all over the world and it might help you plan a visit if you’re vacationing somewhere.

Go check it out today!


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