Today’s cool site is really fun! Build an Atom is really cool HTML5 interactive activity where you can build atoms by combining protons, electrons, and neutrons.

When you arrive at the site, I recommend clicking About. This opens up the About information section where you can learn more about what is covered in this activity. You’ll find topics, learning objectives, and more.

Once you’re ready to start click the play button on the Build an Atom thumbnail. (Notice beneath it there are download and embed options which are great for teachers who’d like to use this content to teach with!) Now select Build an Atom from the three options.This will load the simulation. Once it is loaded you’ll use your mouse to drag and drop protons, electrons, and neutrons onto the target area. You can click the + button on the right side to bring down information options for net charge and mass number. You can also check the box for Stable/Unstable; this option toggles the text on or off for whether the atom you’ve built is stable or unstable.

Back out on the main Build an Atom page (where you had three options Build an Atom, Symbol, or Game) if you select Symbol, you’ll pull up an atom builder again but this time the information on the right changes to show you how the symbol is created for the element you’re creating. Game lets you test your knowledge with a series of challenges where you’ll build atoms. It is a really fun way to test your knowledge.

Go check this out today!