A reader wants to know how to get a user manual for a TV. “How and where can I get a copy of the user manual for my Samsung 40-inch TV without all the fees?”

These days, you’ll find that most devices either come with no manual or just a small pamphlet. You’ll usually see directions to go to the manufacturer’s website for more. Sometimes there’s a help function on the device that lets you search for answers or gives basic instructions.

With some lesser-known brands, finding a manual can be a challenge. Luckily, Samsung is a large company.  You can download PDF copies of manuals, as well as drivers, firmware, and software by clicking here.

First, select the type of device.


Next, find the product.


Then select the Model Number.


Choose Get Downloads.


Select Manuals.


Then download the file. It should go into your Downloads folder. Then you can move it anywhere you life for safe keeping.


You can print it out if you like or keep it on your PC for reference if needed. The process is fairly similar at sites for other manufacturers. You may have to go to the Support section first to find the manual options.

~ Cynthia