Your web browsing and internet activities can be recorded and sold to third parties, but Opera’s VPN can stop that.

In some parts of the world, it is perfectly legal for your ISP to monitor and record your internet activities and then sell the data on to others for whatever they can get for it. (US Congress voted to allow this.)

Yes, your browsing history is being sold to marketers and advertisers!

It is an invasion of privacy, but you can fight back by switching to Opera as your web browser instead of Chrome, Firefox, or whatever else you use.

Opera is actually built on the same engine as Chrome and although the menus make it look different, there are a lot of similarities underneath. This means Opera is both familiar, yet it also offers something different.


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Private browsing

Opera’s Private browsing mode is like the private browsing mode in Edge and Firefox, and Chrome incognito mode. It increases your privacy by opening a browser window in which you have no history.

Private browsing is like the first time you ever used a browser and before you have visited any websites. There is no history and no cookies, so when you browse the web, sites don’t know who you are.

Click the Opera menu button in the top left corner of the browser window and select New private window. Alternatively, right click the Opera icon in the taskbar and select New private window.

Private browsing is useful not only because websites do not know who you are, but also because when Opera is closed, your browsing history and cookies are erased. You leave no tracks on the computer.

VPN privacy

An ISP can still track your web browsing even when a private browsing window is being used. All internet activity goes through your ISP and so it can be recorded, and possibly sold on.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encrypted connection between your computer and a VPN server on the internet. It is private and no-one can see what websites are being visited. Even if they could intercept your internet connection and spy on it, the encryption makes it look like random data.

Your ISP will not be able to track you.

Go to the Opera menu and select Settings.

Click Privacy & security and then on the right, tick the checkbox to enable the VPN that is built in. Unlike many VPNs, the one in Opera is free.

Now open a private window, click the VPN button at the left side of the address box and click the switch to connect.

Not only are you anonymous, your internet connection is encrypted through a VPN. No-one knows who you are and no-one can track your web browsing activities. Double protection!

It is possible to go even further to cover your tracks and you can make it look like you live in a different country!

Click Optimal location at the bottom of the VPN box and select a country from the list. Choose Canada for instance, and it will look like you just moved to Canada to anyone tracking your location.

With a private browsing window, VPN encryption, and changing your location, your browsing activities are your own affair a no-one else’s.

~ Roland Waddilove